Science Video Updates – COSMOS Returns, Darwin Documentary, Maths Rap

Taking a week off for the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, COSMOS returns tomorrow night on FOX (and June 2 on National Geographic Channel).  The broadcasts on the National Geographic Channel include behind the scenes content because that network has fewer commercials per hour.  There are two episodes left, and wasting little time, the entire 13 episode run will be made available on June 10 (at least in the U.S. and Canada) in DVD and Blu-Ray formats.  If you want to catch up before then, folks in the U.S. can use Hulu (though the first three episodes require the premium Hulu Plus service), the COSMOS app, or the Fox website (you will likely have to log in through your cable provider to access this content.

After giving Tom McFadden well-deserved props for his latest projects, I perused my other regular sources of science music material for new videos.  While I have a new video to embed with this post, there is news to report on a more familiar figure.  Baba Brinkman, currently touring Australia with Mr. Simmonds, was working on a documentary this spring.  As part of his tour stops in the American South, a crew filmed Brinkman for a film called Darwin’s America.  There will be additional filming this summer before the film is finished and tries to demonstrate whether Brinkman’s means of communicating evolution can be more effective than traditional methods.

Finally, a little attention for maths.  I stumbled upon Harry Baker, a spoken word performer out of the U.K., and found out he did a piece about maths.  Other pieces by Baker that at least sidle up to science and/or maths include “59” (an examination of love and prime numbers) and a short meditation on the U.K. polar bear population.


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