Hooray Hooray, World Science Festival Begins Today!

The World Science Festival started tonight in New York City.  Peruse the program to find events of interest, though tickets may be required in advance.

Of particular note is another reading of Dear Albert, Alan Alda’s reading for the stage of a selection of Albert Einstein’s letters.  It opened the festival tonight.  It’s hardly the first time the reading has been done for the Festival, but I’ve found little mention of it outside of that context.  Paul Rudd performed as Einstein, and Brian Greene joined Alda after the reading to discuss the play.  I’m a bit frustrated about the apparent lack of performances, as it would seem that there have been plenty of chances to iron the kinks out and spread the work to a broader audience.  Or at least a collection of smaller ones across the country.  However, Alda’s play about Marie Curie, Radiance, appears to have had just a single run back in 2011, so I shouldn’t hold my breath about Dear Albert.

Alda will also close out the Festival announcing the winners of the latest edition of his Flame Challenge, where the entrants were required to explain what color is to an 11-year old.


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