Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 26

With the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S., many programs are off for some, if not all of this week.  In the repeats, there are some science segments worth catching again (or for the first time).  On Tuesday Late Night will repeat the appearance of Bill Nye from April.  On Wednesday you can see cast members from The Big Bang Theory, with Simon Helberg appearing on Conan, and Jim Parsons on The Daily Show.  On Thursday you can catch Science Bob’s latest appearance with Jimmy Kimmel.

Wednesday you may also want to catch the repeat of The Colbert Report, because while Keri Russell wasn’t there for a science or technology related reason, there was a segment on patent trolls.  It originally aired on May 14, the same day The Daily Show aired a commentary from Lewis Black chock full of science stories.  The May 15th edition of The Colbert Report was also full of science and technology material, with a segment on teaching morality to robots and one covering the media fury over an accusation of brain damage.  Additionally, the guest, columnist Tom Friedman, discussed climate change and its impacts on violent struggle.

Given the number of repeats, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the new segments are hard to find.  Richard Quest, a CNN reporter who has been featured in some of its incessant coverage of the lost Malaysian airliner, is scheduled to appear with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday.  I can’t be sure they will talk about the plane, in part because Ferguson has been taping many programs in advance, and the interview may have taken place several days ago.  It would seem odd to talk about what is still an unfolding story from some point in the past.  But Ferguson traffics in weird, so I can’t dismiss the possibility.


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