Update Wednesday – Science Fair, Late Night Videos, Extended Chopra Interview

A few short items, most of them following on earlier posts.

Kari Byron, Host of MythBusters and Head Rush, will host a Discovery Education online event next Tuesday, May 27th.  It will take place at 1 pm Eastern time, in connection with the White House Science Fair (registration appears to be required, at least if you want to submit a question).  If you (or your class) can’t make it on the 27th, an archive will be made available after the event.  Several guests will appear during the event, including a student scientists and other leaders in STEM education efforts in the public and private sectors.

You may remember that for the 2013 White House Science Fair LeVar Burton and Bill Nye the Science Guy hosted a live event, but that was a White House produced activity that lacked the interactive component Discovery Education wants to have with Byron on Tuesday.

There is already video available of David Letterman’s latest segment with kid scientists from Naperville, Illinois.  It was the 23rd time kid scientists from Naperville have been on The Late Show, dating back to 1997.  The full episode is available for a few days via the CBS website, but the show uploaded three videos to YouTube.

In other late night video, Jon Stewart’s May 20 interview with former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra ran longer than what was broadcast.  It ran long enough to be it’s own 30 minute show.  The full interview is available online.  Similarly, you can watch the full interview with Ron Suskind from the May 13 episode.  I did not list Suskind’s interview in advance because I did not note that he was there to talk about a book on his personal experience with his son’s autism.  While he certainly has experience with the condition, his normal work is in political reporting, and wouldn’t attract my attention otherwise.


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