Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 12

Before the listings, we have an announcement and some catching up.  The game of musical late night chairs is nearly over.  Larry Wilmore, who is the senior black correspondent on The Daily Show, will take the 11:30 p.m. spot on Comedy Central after Stephen Colbert leaves at the end of this year.  The new show will be The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore and premiere in January.  The nature of the show is undetermined, outside of an emphasis on voices not normally heard in late night.  While I have no sense of how much the program will deal with science and technology topics, because it under the umbrella of The Daily Show (Jon Stewart is an executive producer along with Wilmore) the answer will be greater than zero.

John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show, has a new weekly program on HBO.  Being a weekly show on a pay network in the United States, I haven’t included it in the listings.  But in last night’s (May 11) episode, there was a climate change segment.  As the show has put many of its clips on YouTube, you can watch the segment without subscribing.

In other catch up news, on the April 30 edition of The Daily Show, Stewart interviewed two political scientists, Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page.  Not on their new book, but on a rigorous statistical study that I think would qualify for inclusion here.  The full interview is in three parts, available at the website of The Daily Show.

Jimmy Kimmel got into the act as well in late April, with a comedy segment focused on gluten.  It’s a traditional person on the street interview, asking people who professed to gluten-free diets whether they knew what gluten is.  Keep in mind that the segment is geared toward laughs, and likely is far from a statistically significant sample.

On to the listings.  The basketball playoffs are prompting repeats on odd nights for both Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Tonight (Monday) we can learn about microbes when Dr. Martin Blaser stops by The Daily Show.  Also on Monday, Melissa Rauch, who plays one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory, is a guest on Conan.  On Tuesday Rauch’s castmate (and fellow portrayer of scientist) Jim Parsons stops by to see David Letterman.  On Thursday he will sit down with Jon Stewart.  TO close out the week, Chi-Lan Lieu, the technology reporter on The Talk, stops by on Thursday and Friday.


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