The Canadians Are Looking For A Few Good Science Policy Sessions

The Sixth Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) is scheduled for October 15-17 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  As I’ve said before, this event is unique in its focus and cross-section of attendees.  I can find no comparable U.S. event where researchers and practitioners participate as colleagues to discuss and define the important issues on national science, technology and innovation policy.

While the event is in October, the call for panel proposals is still open.  The organizers are looking to have several different kinds of panels.  Besides what may be considered the traditional conference panel of a moderated discussion amongst experts, you can submit panels organized around green papers or case studies.  You might also organize a session that is a series of quick individual presentations (like the TED conferences, though with more underlying rigor), or one focused on directly engaging the audience in a learning activity.

Selection criteria aren’t out of the ordinary.  Panels will be selected based on their alignment with conference objectives and specific themes:

  1. Canadian Science and Technology Strategy: Looking Towards 2020
  2. Advancing Canadian Economic Development with S&T
  3. Science and Risk in an International Context
  4. Innovation in Partnerships

In addition, diversity of representation and quality of the panel (both in content and organization) will also be considered when selecting panels.

Registration is required in order to submit a proposal, and submissions are due no later than June 6.  Even if you aren’t selected, consider attending the conference this October.  Good luck!


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