The Drama Of Experiments

The Science Museum in London has just started this year’s run of The Energy Show, a theatrical production targeted at kids.  It will soon tour England and Wales (H/T BBC News).

The premise of the show requires the protagonists perform a series of science demonstrations to resolve the conflict of the show.  Imagine an episode of MythBusters where confirming (or busting) a myth provided a reward or surmounted an obstacle that prevented any of the Fantastic Five from meeting their goal.  Heck, the finale of the MacGyver special fits this bill – except in The Energy Show there are explosions.

This entertainment model could well work elsewhere.  Heck, I’d argue it’s an important element of two touring shows – the MythBusters Behind the Myths Tour and Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable Tour.  And those shows are kid-friendly, but not targeted to them.  Cost may be the only thing making it tough to do too many of these productions.  That’s a shame.


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