Major Science Advice Conference Scheduled For New Zealand

The International Council for Science (ICSU) recently announced a major conference on high-level science advice.  It will take place in Auckland, New Zealand August 28 and 29.  It will be hosted by the New Zealand Chief Science Adviser, Sir Peter Gluckman.

(If you’re not following Sir Peter’s work and writings on science advice and science policy, you’re missing out.)

The announced panelists and speakers include chief scientists and/or chief science advisers from several countries and the European Union.  It’s a very impressive roster.  The conference is organised around five challenges:

The most recent development is the inclusion of a pre-conference symposium on science and diplomacy.  The focus is improving the integration of science and diplomacy and foreign affairs.

The conference is small, intended (I’m inferring) for senior level science policy advisors and policymakers.  I hope, and would encourage the organizers, to archive the presentations and discussions for future viewing and re-viewing.



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