Late To The Wolkenfeld Party

On the March 8 edition of the radio program, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, an interesting song was used to bridge segments (it ran between Limericks and Lightning Fill in the Blank).  It’s called “I’m A Virus,” and it was in the show due to the recent news of the virus recently revived in Siberia.

The song was created in 2012 by Glenn Wolkenfeld, a science teacher who has been using music in his work since the 1980s.  His website may be called sciencemusicvideos but it’s a more comprehensive collection of his educational thoughts and materials.  It’s worth your time.


One thought on “Late To The Wolkenfeld Party

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks so much for your entry above! I would have never known that my song, “I’m a Virus,” was used (even if only for a few seconds) on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell me!” You completely made my day!
    Thanks also for your kind comments about my website!
    Mr. W (occasionally tweeting haikus @GlennWolkenfeld)

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