Math And Science Cinema In the New Year

With Her in the theaters, I thought it useful to note some other movies coming this year with science and/or technology themes.  They aren’t likely to be as widely available as Her – which deals with how regular humans might deal with sophisticated artificial intelligence operating systems. I’ve mentioned the documentary Particle Fever before.  It examines the Large Hadron Collider and the quest for the Higgs boson.  Opening in New York March 5, you can now watch a trailer on Yahoo! Movies. The French documentary How I Came to Hate Maths (Comment j’ai deteste les maths) has been traveling the festival circuit since November, and is looking for distribution.  While The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t expect the film to go wide, it gives the film a modest review, complaining mainly that it meanders more than a little. One of the films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is I Origins, described by the filmmakers as a molecular biology thriller.  It focuses on a young biologist studying the eyes with an aim toward addressing the intelligent design (ID) argument that the eyes are an example of ‘irreducible complexity’ – which supposedly validates ID.  The film has a distributor (Fox Searchlight), and was recognized with the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize.  (Another science-themed film, Buried Life, was recognized with a Fellowship to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab). I Origins will likely see the widest distribution of these films, so if any of the pictures seem interesting, set up search alerts to find out about screening opportunities.


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