Science Entertainment Weekend (Even With A Buzzkill)

A few science-themed entertainment nuggets for your weekend:

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Buzzkill of Science – Perhaps in an effort to recover from his Tweets criticizing some of the science in Gravity, Tyson appeared on the November 14 edition of The Daily Show to discuss zombies.  The clip title should give you an idea of where the conversation goes.

About Those Drone Permits – On the November 13 edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen discussed recent criticism of U.S. drone strikes.  He then mentioned the recent effort in a Colorado town to allow for the hunting of drones via permit.  Missy Cummings appears in the segment.  She conducts drone research and has appeared on both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show to discuss how these vehicles can be used for non-destructive purposes.

How About Some Apocalypse With Your Science Lesson? – Tory Belleci of MythBusters has teamed up to create an educational app called Tory Odyssey: Motion Commotion.  The plot is that the game player is trying to escape a post-apocalyptic landscape to reach Belleci and relative safety.  To figure out the proper speed for jumps and avoiding obstacles the game player needs to use some science knowledge.  Here’s a clip:

Goldieblox Channels The Goldberg – While the reworked Beastie Boys tune got most of the headlines, this commercial for Goldieblox is an excellent demonstration of the spirit of Rube Goldberg

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