Science Borealis – The Future Canadian Science Blogging Portal

As part of the 5th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC), a group of dedicated science bloggers is launching a Canadian science blogging portal.  Science Borealis will go public tomorrow afternoon (Friday) in connection with a panel on science blogging in Canada (the panel is scheduled to start at 1:30 Eastern.  That the panel includes a member of the Canadian Parliament suggests there has been serious effort in developing this network.

The bloggers have partnered with Canadian Science Publishing and Genome Alberta to develop its web presence (which includes a Twitter feed – @ScienceBorealis).  The website will aggregate (reblog rather than host) Canadian science blogging content and serve as a central location for information on Canadian science communication.  Interested Canadian science bloggers can submit their blogs for inclusion, which will be determined by the Science Borealis editorial team.  There are already over 30 blogs in the network, which should grow considerably over the next few months.  Organizers would like to see 150 blogs on the network, which would equal or surpass blog networks affiliated with large science magazines.

With Canadian scientists increasingly concerned about their country’s science policy and scientific resources, a website like Science Borealis could serve needed roles in the community as both information source and meeting place for interested scientists, policymakers and the public.  You need to register if you plan to comment on or submit a blog for consideration, but otherwise you should feel free to take Science Borealis out for a spin and see how you like it.