Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 18

Before I start in on this week’s listings, I’ll note the premiere in the U.S. of Almost Human, a FOX network science-fiction program focused on a near future cop and his artificial life-form partner.  The second part of the premiere airs tonight in the U.S., and I will reserve judgment until I watch it.

This week brings a rare appearance of Mr. Jay Leno, who is not long for the late night world (though that has been said of him before).  On Friday his guests include Jim Parsons and John Downer.  Parsons plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory, while Downer heads a wildlife photography company.  It’s quite possible that Downer’s segment may be little different from the typical animal expert segment, but his website suggests otherwise.

Parsons is not the only fellow person playing a scientist on The Big Bang Theory you can watch this week.  Tonight (Monday) Kunal Nayyar visits with Craig Ferguson, (Edited to Add) and Mayim Bialik talks with Arsenio Hall.

This makes for a thin week, with nothing from the boys at Comedy Central.  So I might as well mention that there is a Science of Dr. Who special out in advance of Saturday’s 50th Anniversary special.  It’s already aired but will repeat a few times over the week, breaking up the marathons of episodes.  I’ve not been engaged with the various anniversary specials coming out for the show, but I’m not a proper Whovian.  In other words, YMMV.