Entertainment Industry Recognizes When It Manages To Get Science And Technology Done Right

On Wednesday the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) announced the recipients of its third S.E.T. Awards (H/T Stemconnector).  Standing for Science, Engineering and Technology, the S.E.T. Awards recognize accurate and meaningful portrayals of science, engineering and technology in entertainment programs.  They recognize films, television, print, radio, and online projects.  The S.E.T. Awards are one of several supported by the EIC, which include awards recognizing accurate portrayals of subjects like drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, emergency preparedness, foster care and homelessness. EIC also has a program called Ready on the Set to help connect science, engineering and technology experts connect with the entertainment industry.

Most of the recipients aren’t surprising, as the projects have some element of science, engineering or technology by design.  While none of the late night programs I feature on Mondays were recognized, award recipients certainly frequent them.

Of the fictional programs recognized, the episode “Possibility Two” of Elementary was the one where science played the most prominent role in the plot.  While space travel is currently more plausible than a zombie epidemic, World War Z was the recognized film that relied the most on science and technology in its plot.  Nonfiction programs recognized included MythBusters (of course), Nova, and NBC’s online videos Science of the Summer Olympics.

Bryan Singer, most known for directing films inspired by comic book characters, was singled out with the Bob Gurr Leadership and Inspiration Award.  It recognized his work with science, engineering and technology both behind and in front of the camera.

Recipients must be nominated, but there a number of categories covering fiction and non-fiction programming, written, filmed and/or broadcast.  Nominated programs must be shown prior to June 30th of the year in which they are recognized.


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