Marvel Bringing The STEM Hammer In Thor Sequel

Much like it did with another Avenger, Marvel has an education campaign connected to its latest film – Thor: The Dark World (H/T STEM Connector and Bad Astronomer).
You can listen to one of the film’s stars, Natalie Portman, discuss the campaign in this video.

Like its prequel, this film includes her character, Jane Foster, who is an astrophysicist.  The campaign focuses on her character and wants girls to participate.  In The Ultimate Mentor Adventure, girls 14 and older in grades 9-12 can enter by interviewing a mentor in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline and upload a video of yourself.  The video must be five minutes or less, and cover a variety of topics:

  • Who you are
  • Why you’re like Jane Foster
  • Who you interviewed
  • How you might pursue a career in STEM
  • Why you’d like to go to California for the Ultimate Mentor Adventure

You have to hurry – the deadline is October 20.  If you’re chosen as a finalist, you and a guardian get to travel to Los Angeles the first week of November to meet with many prominent women in STEM and have your video shown before the premiere of the film.


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