Do You Want To Play A Futures Game?

The Industrial Research Institute, along with the Institute for the Future, is hosting a 36 hour conversation/game about the future next week, and it needs as many people as possible to help make things happen.

It’s called Innovate 2038.  On September 25 and 26 (starting at 9 am Pacific time, so in some time zones the days are actually the 26th and 27th), game participants will have a conversation about the future of research and development on the Foresight Engine.  Here’s a not-so-detailed promotional video.

It appears to be an intensive crowdsourced discussion on new means of encouraging, supporting and performing research and development to address what are seen as the challenges facing society in the mid-to-long term (depending on how you think about 25 years in the future).  This is part of the Industrial Research Institute’s project on 2038 Futures, which focuses on the art and science of research and development management.  That project has involved possible future scenarios, retrospective examinations of research management, and scanning the current environment.  The game engine was developed by the Institute for the Future, and is called the Foresight Engine.  The basics of the engine encourage participants to contribute short ideas, with points going to those ideas that get approved and/or built on by other participants.

If you’re interested in participating, you need a good Internet connection and web browser.  Advance registration is necessary.


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