Festival News: Past Time For A National Science Week

In connection with the 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival, the organizers are working on getting the last week in April 2014 declared a National Science Week (the 2014 Festival Expo takes place April 26 and 27.  And you can help.

There is already a Resolution introduced in the House – H.Res. 276 – establishing a National Science Week in connection with the Festival.  But it could use support, which explains why there is a petition up on Change.org.  They need 2,500 total signatures, and are about 740 away from reaching that goal.

In other Festival news, sponsors Northrop Grumman and MedImmune are bringing X-STEM to the Festival.  X-STEM is scheduled for Thursday, April 24, and geared toward elementary through high school students.  The event will bring a group of presenters to lead presentations and hands-on demonstrations for the students with an eye toward inspiring them to start and/or continue their interests in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  The list is extensive, and will likely grow over the next eight months.  Some of the names are well-known (like National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, J. Craig Venter, and a few members of the astronaut corps), but all are accomplished in a variety of science and technology fields.