Saturday Science Culture: Rocket Boys To Broadway; Alda Back To PBS

While Rocket Girl went from play to movie, Rocket Boys is trying to go from book to movie to Broadway musicalRocket Boys is the memoir of NASA rocket scientist Homer Hickam and was made into the 1999 film October Sky.  Hickam worked with Carl Anthony Traman on the book for a musical based on Rocket Boys.  There have been small productions of the musical in Hunstville, Los Angeles and New York prior to a series of three more substantial productions at a regional theater in West Virginia (where Hickam grew up).  That third production starts next week.  The next step is finding a developmental theater to ensure the play is ready for a proper Broadway run.  If all goes well, that may happen in 2015.

Alan Alda continues his massively productive career as science communicator (I think he’s in the top tier worldwide).  His Flame Challenge ended its second run in the spring, recognizing the best efforts of scientists to explain time to an 11-year old.  Alda’s science communications work was recently recognized with a lifetime achievement award at the recent Executive STEM Summit on Learning in the Digital Age (co-sponsored by Scientific American).  Here’s video of Alda at the event:

Alda will return to PBS, where he hosted Scientific American Frontiers for 11 years, this fall with a new science special.  Continue reading