Science and Technology Get More Presidential Medal Love

Yesterday the White House released the names of the 2013 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The medal recognizes outstanding achievements and/contributions in a number of different fields.  This year there happen to be three recipients with a science and/or technology background, a high mark for the award.

Mario Molina is a chemist who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the ozone hole.  Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist who received the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in applying psychology to economic analysis, which helped refine decision making under economic models to better reflect real-life choices.  Sally Ride, astronaut, physicist and science educator, is being recognized posthumously.

No specific date has been announced for this year’s award ceremony.  2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was revised by President Kennedy from the Medal of Freedom established by President Truman.