Next PCAST Meeting Focuses On Reports (At Least In Public)

The next meeting of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) will meet (at least in public session) on Friday morning, March 15.  You can register for the meeting online, which will take place at the National Academies Lecture Room in their building on Constitution Avenue in Washington.  It will be webcast as well (which requires no registration), and the link will be available at the PCAST website on the day of the meeting.

According to the agenda as of February 12, the focus of this public session will be on reports.  Most of them will be PCAST reports.  There will be updates on projects concerning forensic science (the over/under on CSI references is arbitrarily set at 5 for the entire meeting) and energy and climate change.  One of the members of the working group on the PCAST report on undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is schedule to present on the progress in implementing that report’s recommendations.

The lone outside report discussed at this meeting will be the American Chemical Society’s graduate education report.  It was released in December 2012 and proposes some significant changes in the way chemical scientists are prepared in graduate school.

Please note that with two weeks remaining before the meeting, the agenda may change.


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