Missed Science And Technology Late Night Content

Having just returned from an extended trip, I’ve been trying to catch up with late night science and technology content from the last couple of weeks.  The pending storm in the east coast has complicated things, but has reinforced the need to prepare for storms based on reasonable bad case scenarios.  Sandy has slowed down, but could still pack a punch once it falls on land sometime Tuesday.

For the week of October 15, both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have added some segments criticizing the bells and whistles of debate coverage.  The Daily Show focused an entire segment on debate focus groups in its October 17 program.  The Colbert Report spent some time on the 15th spent some time expressing wonder and admiration at Felix Baumgartner’s recent parachute jump from 24 miles up.

Finally, science and technology appeared in The Daily Show segment with Eugene Jarecki, whose latest film, The House I Live In, is about the drug war.  Most of the science and technology content focused on how chemically similar drugs were not treated similarly from a law enforcement perspective.

I suspect I’ll have more to add on this over the next day or two.