Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 15

It seems the late night programs can’t go a month without big rerun weeks.  But of the repeats this week, there is an appearance I missed the first time around.  Diana Nyad, ultra-distance swimmer, was on with Carson Daly last month and her appearance will repeat tonight.

In the new programs this week, there is some election-oriented science.  Nate Silver, the polling maven behind and author of a new book on prediction, sits down with Jon Stewart Wednesday night.  Earlier that day, The Talk will have a segment with the show’s technology expert, Chi-Lan Lieu.

There is a possible wild card in Felix Baumgartner, who recently broke the sound barrier by jumping from roughly 128 thousand feet.  He appeared on The Tonight Show back in June along with Joe Kittinger (he held most of the records Baumgartner broke on Sunday).  With The Tonight Show in repeats this week, I could easily see NBC opting to pull one of the scheduled repeats and put Baumgartner’s appearance in that spot.  I would also expect to see Baumgartner to visit with other talk shows in the near future, probably around the same time


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