Some Entertainments, Well Framed In Science

For those seeking more scientists in your culture, there are two recent releases (at least in the U.S.) worth pointing out.

If you want a romantic comedy, Losing Control is coming to DVD and video-on-demand on Tuesday.  It has made the festival circuit, even getting a screening at the National Academy of Sciences.  It is directed by Valerie Weiss, who holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard Medical.  While earning her Ph.D., she founded a film program at the school and served as filmmaker-in-residence.  Her company, PhD Productions, also produced the short film Transgressions and Weiss is working on another feature film.  While the film is billed as a romantic comedy, reviews suggest that there will be plenty of lab culture open for satire.  It may just not be to your taste.

If you’d rather read, James Meek’s latest novel, The Heart Broke In, was just released in the U.S. and Canada, but has been out in his native U.K. since August (H/T Scientific American).  A sprawling family drama, two of the main characters in the novel are scientists (one researching malaria, the other a geneticist working on cancer).  While not a novel about science, science and scientists are vessels for the larger themes of the novel.  Meek is a journalist by training, having covered the science beat for The Guardian at one time.

If you just want to kick back and watch some experiments, MythBusters returns tonight (in the U.S.) with a new set of episodes.  The experiments will test at least one of the James Cameron movie Titanic for scientific veracity.  As Cameron botched the stars in the film (since fixed), I doubt the film gets away squeaky clean.