Comic Strips Promote Engineering Education

Apparently ocean policy isn’t the only science and technology policy issue addressed in comic strips this month.  The National Academy of Engineering has partnered with the strip Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog and its distributor, King Features Syndicate, to highlight engineering in a two-week series of daily strips (H/T @NAE_DC).

Bleeker focuses on the adventures of Skip and his dog/iPod hybrid, Bleeker.  The artist, Jonathan Mahood, is the son of an electrical engineer, and he felt that working on the strips helped him reconnect to what his dad did for a living.

“It was a chance to highlight, for readers young and old, the essential role engineering plays in our daily lives and how it will help shape our future. On a personal note, my dad was an electrical engineer and as kids we really had no idea what he did at his job all day. Creating these comics helped me to reconnect and realize what a creative and hands-on profession he had.”

During this series of strips, Skip and his friend Lila work together on a school project involving engineering.  The project allows for a little bit of promotion for the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges for Engineering program.

The series continues through this Saturday, so keep checking the archive page or the Bleeker website.


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