Symphony Of Science Keeps Expanding Its Repertoire

John Boswell, the man behind Symphony of Science (and known on the YouTube as melodysheep), has been busier than usual this year.  His work with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has been very well received.  The first video featuring Mr. Rogers was joined by two more on PBS icons: Bob Ross and Julia Child (I suspect more are on the way).  He developed another video for the Symphony (H/T @BadAstronomer), once again going outside the usual subject matter of physics and astronomy.  The latest effort is called “Our Biggest Challenge” and focuses on climate change.

However, his biggest project, at least for those only familiar with the Auto-Tune stylings of the Symphony, was the Kickstarter campaign for an album of original science songs, Terra Lumina.  Boswell is collaborating with Will Crowley, an educator and musician who has worked with Boswell on other concept albums that blend folk, rock and other genres.  The campaign was fully funded, and according to the last update (dated September 1st), principal recording is already complete.  You can preview tracks at the album’s website.  It should be available for purchase later this year, and yes, I’ll post about it as soon as possible.


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