Want Some Science And Technology Culture For The Weekend?

At the beginning of the month Scientific American editor Fred Guterl appeared on The Daily Show to promote The Fate of the Species, his book on human extinction scenarios.  Only part of his interview was broadcast.  The online-only segment goes further into the topic of how to put the proverbial genie back into the bottle where scientific advances are considered.  Jon Stewart, as ably noted on these pages, has frequently covered science and technology topics on The Daily Show.  But he has struck me as frequently concerned about the overreach of science and technology, if from the scientific disaster perspective.  This second segment highlights his concerns, and Stewart is certainly not alone in his apprehension.  You may find it irrational, but that’s not grounds to dismiss it.

On a lighter note, there’s a robot movie out in limited release (so check those local listings).  Called Robot & Frank, the movie, set in the near future stars Frank Langella as a older man resisting the increasing mechanization of the world.  His concerns are heightened when his kids give him a robot helper.  Here’s the trailer.


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