Get Your Science On The YouTube

Some mid-week science video viewing pleasure:

Courtesy of the Physics Central Physics Buzz blog, take a look at Coma Niddy, who has some rap videos on nanoscience and dark matter.  His latest release:

The budding TV host in this next video is Doctor Mad Science, who appears to be blowing up.  I found out about his science experiment videos from Scientific American and its PsyVid blog.  The young man has over 2.5 million views on the YouTube.  Enthusiasm and good production values are hallmarks of his work.  Here’s his latest video on backyard smelting.

Oh yeah, he has autism.  An excellent consequence of these videos is a marked approval in his social and communication skills.  With Doctor Mad Science based in Canada, I think Dan Riskin should keep an eye out for a good segment for this guy on Daily Planet.


One thought on “Get Your Science On The YouTube

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