Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 6

There are a fair number of repeats this week, and many shows are scheduled to take a lot of the last half of August off.  So yes, the pickings are thin.

I would anticipate that those shows running new episodes tonight will make at least some mention of today’s successful landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars (some shows may opt to run with the topic on consecutive nights).  However, one of the key late night science and technology sources – Craig Ferguson – is airing a lot of pre-taped material this week and may not get to it.  As Stephen Colbert had on a NASA guest (Associate Administrator for Science John Grunsfeld) last week to promote the Curiosity landing, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t say something this week, if not tonight.

(Colbert also had some science research in his “Thought for Food” segment last Thursday)

The pickings are slim even in the repeats this week (the NBC shows remain off for the Olympics).  There’s a cooking segment with Wolfgang Puck repeating on Thursday’s Craig Ferguson program, but there’s no science content in it.

Craig has another celebrity chef appearing on his Monday show, which is not a repeat.  But I do not expect Rachael Ray’s appearance to provide any science content.  They may not even cook.  The slim hope for non-Curiosity science content this week comes with Ferguson’s Wednesday program.  Nerdist host Chris Hardwick is scheduled to appear.  Craig was on a Nerdist program last year, and with the Nerdist science special premiere this past weekend (it will run again this Saturday night on BBC America), it’s possible some science talk will happen.

Hopefully the NBC late night programs will come back with some science and technology content in their new episodes next week.  Perhaps some post-Olympics guest bookings can address this need.


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