Intel’s Turn For Science Fair Love

Last week I noted the Google Science Fair winners for this year, so it’s only fair to note this year’s Intel Science and Engineering Fair award winners.  I missed the announcement in May, but congratulations to Jack Andraka, first place winner and recipient of the Gordon E. Moore Award, as well as this year’s Young Scientist winners, Nicholas Schiefer and Ari Dyckovsky.

Andraka, of Crownsville, Maryland, developed a new means of detecting early stage pancreatic cancer.  His patent is pending.  Schiefer, of Pickering, Ontario, conducted research on microsearch – online searching of the smallest information bites.  Dyckovsky, of Leesburg, Virginia, did work on quantum teleportation.

But what really caught my eye about this year’s Intel Science and Engineering Fair was the art component.  Per NPR, several artists were enlisted to represent the projects of many science fair participants.  Think of it as a poster session for the general public.  Here’s a short video explaining the project:

There will be new works added every week through August.


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