Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 30

The Olympics have effectively shut down three late night programs for the next fortnight, as they usually do.  No repeats, no new episodes.  As it is August, a couple of programs are on hiatus.  On tonight’s Dave repeat, his longtime animal expert companion, Jungle Jack Hanna, comes to visit.  Jimmy Kimmel Live will replay last week’s visit from Jessica Biel on Friday.  Biel stars in the new Total Recall film, out in early August, where memory is a major element of the plot.

The usual suspects come through this week.  Tuesday night on The Daily Show you can hear from Dambisa Moyo, who has a book about China and its demands for resources of all kinds, including critical elements.  The next evening Scientific American editor Fred Guterl stops by to talk about his book on extinction events.

Also on Wednesday, MythBuster Adam Savage will sit and chat with friend of the show Craig Ferguson.

A couple of side notes.  The Colbert Report has yet to announce its Wednesday guest.  Last week the program had an unannounced science guest – agricultural scientist Bruce Babcock – to talk drought.  That was on the July 24th program, still available online for a while (and perhaps repeated during the next hiatus.

Additionally, BBC America is hyping two science related specials for Saturday evening.  There will be a special on the science in Dr. Who, and a Nerdist episode on science.  From the previews, expect to see Neil de Grasse Tyson, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and math(s) author Danica McKellar.  No idea if either program will appear on other BBC networks, though Dr. Who is the lodestone of British science-fiction programming.


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