On the Pointless Exercise of a U.S. Science Debate

Undeterred by the utter unlikelihood of actually having a debate, the ScienceDebate folks are wrapping up their question selection process as I type.  Before any official announcement, the best indication of what might be chosen can be found in a the submitted questions online.

In an apparently parallel process, Scientific American has announced its selections for science debate questions.  They broke down the submitted questions into three categories: Science Education, Evolution and Climate Change.  Assuming that there could be a debate focused on science related topics, I suggest that the last two categories are too colored by political fights that no longer care much about the relevant science to be of use in a science debate.  Perhaps if those with a dog in this fight would be willing to hitch their science concerns to an education debate, there may be an opportunity.  Maybe.  Until those who want science on the debate agenda target the Commission, this all seems to Sisyphean to me.


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