Missed Late Night Technology Content – The Flying Wing Man

Last night Yves Rossy was a guest on David Letterman’s Late Show.  I missed including him on this week’s science and technology guest list because his name is unknown to me.  But that might soon change.

Rossy is a pilot, and has lately been working on a human-sized flying wing.  This is not the same fellow who recently claimed (with a very persuasive video) to be able to fly like a bird by flapping large wings (expect this on a future MythBusters episode).  Rossy’s wing is jet powered, and a good portion of video from his flights (at least one from his recent flight over Rio de Janeiro) were shown on the program.  The following video is from Rossy’s Jetman website.

As pessimistic as Letterman is over the environment, he loves him some fast technology (he co-owns a racing team) that wouldn’t seem out of place in Popular Mechanics.


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