Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 30

It’s an odd week when the highlight is on the really really late program.  As much as Carson Daly gets a hard time for his half-hour interview program, Last Call, I have been mentioning him on these posts more frequently.  This week he’ll chat with science writer Jonah Lehrer on Wednesday, most likely about his recent book on creativity and imagination.  Since it might be hard to avoid, I have to mention that Dr. Drew Pinsky is scheduled for the same program.  He’s one of the high percentage of doctors on the late night programs that I simply don’t mention.  As is the case with my bans on most chefs and animal experts, they simply tend to have little meaningful science and/or technology content.

On other programs the pickings are slim.  The best to be found aside from Lehrer’s appearance is psychologist Jonathan Haidt.  He’ll be on with Stephen Colbert earlier on Wednesday (much earlier).  His latest book focuses on the moral psychology behind political and religious divisions.

And that’s it.  Seek out your cable, because the talky programs are not your friends this week.