Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 23

The April repeats are nearly past us, and the only one worth noting is Werner Herzog’s appearance from February with Carson Daly.  Assuming they talked about his 3-D documentary on cave paintings (Cave of Forgotten Dreams), you can catch that Friday night.

Where the original episodes are concerned, you can start tonight with Ben Rattray on The Daily Show.  He’s the co-founder of, and visited with Stephen Colbert earlier this month. On Wednesday, Paul de Gelder, Australian Navy diver and shark attack survivor, stops by to chat with Carson.

Thursday is the big night.  Astronaut Mike Massimino will return to talk with Craig Ferguson, and environmental activist and journalist Deborah Bassett talks with Carson Daly.  I guess I should menton that animal expert Dave Salmoni will join Jimmy Kimmel on his program that evening as well.

If you want more science content, you’ll need your cable.  Those in the U.S. can settle in for major nature programming this weekend on BBC America, and plenty of MythBusters on the Discovery Channel.