I Hope This Isn’t An Isolated Incident – How to Work Around Reluctant PIOs

Some news in the ongoing saga over the reluctance of the Harper government in Canada to let its scientists speak directly to the press.  The Ottawa Citizen reported earlier this week that after getting nowhere trying to talk to the National Research Council (of Canada) and Environment Canada about a snowfall study it conducted with NASA, it asked…

wait for it…


The Citizen recounts the epic discussion conducted by Canadian government employees on how not to respond to the request.  Apparently it took all of 15 minutes to get the answer from a NASA researcher.

So, while I commiserate at the incredible effort involved in not getting an answer from various Canadian government scientists, I do hope that more Canadian science writers (and those interested in Canadian research) will be thorough enough to check with the other researchers on projects to make sure that their questions are answered.  Because otherwise I have a new example for cutting off the nose to spite one’s face.


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