Stealth Science and Technology Content on The Colbert Report…Again

Regular readers know I usually can’t keep up with all the late night television content I write about in these posts as they air.  If there’s stuff in the non-interview segments, or science and technology content with guests that you wouldn’t expect it from, I won’t always know about it until later.

The latest such entry is the March 13, 2012 edition of The Colbert Report.  While the guest was musician Andrew Bird, at least part of the interview covered teratomas, a class of tumors that copy specific tissues in the body (teeth are a frequent case) and attack the original tissue.  Colbert, perhaps consistent with his character, assumed the reference was more literal than Bird intended it – as a kind of feedback loop.

But that wasn’t the only instance of science and technology content from this episode.  In a segment on the Republican campaign, Colbert cited remarks from Senator Santorum and Speaker Gingrich on science and technology issues (climate change and alternative fuels) as examples of the campaign keeping it simple.  To start it all off, Colbert noted in his Threatdown segment that bears continue to be the top threat, now because of their apparent facility with tools.