Mooney Keeps Asking the Wrong Question About Politics and Science

If I could figure out a way to effectively ignore Mr. Mooney, I would, and I’d also distribute it widely and freely.  The latest irritation from the junior polemicist came earlier today.

My takeaway from the cited study – at least where Mooney’s perennial fulminations are concerned – is that the only groups for which trust in science has declined between 1974 and 2010 are conservatives and church goers.  (There are, I think, many other interesting things to delve into in this study, but I’m pretty convinced they won’t get much attention, unless I try and generate some.)

Besides reminding us that he has a book coming out that will (his protestations to the contrary aside) further develop science as a political wedge issue, Mr. Mooney continues to demonstrate jumps in reasoning that make him so damn irritating (boldface mine).

“Conservatives becoming more factually wrong—or, in this case, more distrusting of science, which to me is basically the same thing—as their level of education advances.”

And he provides what I think is the wrong question to emphasize (italics his). Continue reading