Late Night Guest Audible – Maria Goodavage and the Soldier Dogs

The Daily Show had a last minute guest change for its Tuesday night program.  Maria Goodavage came on instead, and discussed her book Soldier Dogs.  Goodavage is a fomer USA Today reporter, and writes about dogs at  Solider Dogs focuses on the various roles dogs play in the American war efforts overseas.  Besides the dogs’ work on the ground (one was involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden), Goodavage covers their training, as well as the biology behind how they can do what they do, and the trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder) they can suffer during their service.

The full episode is available online for a few weeks, and you can watch the interview by itself.  Stewart loves him some dogs, so he manages to balance the often serious nature of the interview with some humor.  Check out the book’s website for an excerpt, photos, and videos chronicling this under-reported aspect of military service.