Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of March 12

Well, a very disappointing week is in store.  Absent a noteworthy addition to Thursday’s edition of The Daily Show, I find no one worth noting for this feature.  Yes, you can find a doctor and a chef on this week, but as I don’t expect them to provide any scientific or technical content in their segments, I won’t be listing them here.  It should be noted that there will be basketball-related repeats and/or delays for Mssrs. Letterman, Ferguson and O’Brien.  This likely contributes to the dearth of science and technology guests.

The bone to throw may be the premiere of “Unchained Reaction” Sunday night on Discovery (U.S. date, other countries may have other dates).  Hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the MythBusters, the program follows two teams competing to build large chain reaction/Rube Goldberg contraptions based on a particular theme.  This harkens back to a series of competitive building programs that used to be the rage on U.S. cable channels several years ago (MythBuster Grant Imahara could be seen in at least a couple of them).  Each team will have plenty of expert artists and builders from a variety of fields, and a guest judge each week will join Savage and Hyneman in determining the winning team.  The official show promo: