Saturday Video Jukebox: Molecular Animation and the Remix

Two items for your viewing pleasure.

First, via NPR Music, is a video of a song from Björk’s Biophilia collection.  Called “Hollow”, the song is pretty stark, and Björk characterizes it as being both Hallowe’en and gothic.  The video is a collaboration with a biomedical animator, Drew Berry.  This is Berry’s first animation that was not strictly educational (you’ll see what I mean towards the end of the video).  You’ll need to go to the NPR site to view the video for Hollow, but here’s a TEDx talk Berry gave at Cal Tech in January 2011.

The other video of note is the Part 4 of Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson.  Released in the last few weeks, it represents the culmination of several months (if not years) work by Ferguson, a filmmaker in New York.  Earlier parts of the series focused on the history of what goes into creativity and how new ideas remix old ones.  Part Four is called System Failure and discusses how the social system for managing these processes has broken down.  The videos are lovely to watch, Ferguson and his collaborators are as committed to effective presentation as they are to the details of their arguments (it should be clear from any single chapter how Everything is a Remix demonstrates one of its main themes – remixing)  But take a look for yourself.

Ferguson’s next project is hinted at after the credits of Part 4, and is called This is Not a Conspiracy Theory.  If I read him correctly, this will be an examination of the current global situation and the major ideas and influences that have shaped it.