What Science and Technology Data Do You Want on Ethics.gov?

Earlier today the White House announced the release of Ethics.Data.gov, a ‘community’ within the larger Data.gov website.  At the moment there are seven data sets in the community:

  • White House Visitor Records
  • Office of Government Ethics Travel Reports
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act Data
  • Department of Justice Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Data
  • Federal Election Commission Individual Contribution Reports
  • Federal Election Commission Candidate Reports
  • Federal Election Commission Committee Reports

So now we can look at all of this information in one place and probably compile some very interesting cuts at the data.  But this list seems far from complete.

For science and technology, what would be some useful data sets or other collections that could be posted to the Ethics collection?  Conflict of interest forms for scientific advisory bodies?  Disclosure forms for science and technology appointments?  Information on violations of agency scientific integrity policies?  Data on research ethics violations?

I think we could go on and compile a good list.  Given the focus of Data.gov on database-friendly information, that might be a useful selection criteria.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments.