More Stealth Science and Technology Content and a Brinkman Fitness Display

There are a couple of recent late night television segments worth noting that weren’t advertised ahead of time.

On February 22, The Daily Show played on the hypochondriac paranoia of its host in covering the recent debate over releasing research on an engineered version of an avian flu virus.

Conan O’Bri hosted Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George Harrison, on February 23.  I figured it would be a discussion about George Harrison, and while it was, it also was a demonstration for a new archival app.  Harrison fils has developed an app to chronicle various guitars, starting with his father’s.  It covers incredibly detailed renderings of each instrument, as well as relevant performance and recording history.  It’s called The Guitar Collection, and is presently available only for the iPad.

Let’s close today with some new stuff.  Baba Brinkman is out with his latest video from The Rap Guide to Evolution.  It’s for the track Hypnotize, which is a remake of the classic Biggie Smalls tune of the same name.  Arguably both versions are about fitness displays, evolutionarily speaking.  Brinkman is just explicit about it.