@Funky49 Helps The Dirty Apes with Science Hip-Hop

While my posts may give a different impression, there is more than one science rapper out there.  Funky49 is releasing his second album of science-oriented hip-hop.  You might recognize Funky from this video of “Particle Business,” which is a track on the new album:

The new album, which dropped January 3, is called Dirty Apes Discover Science.  It’s a followup to Rapbassador, an album Funky developed for Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry.  The tracks represent a number of different hip-hop styles, so there should be something there for anyone who likes science, hip-hop, or hopefully both.  There are some explicit lyrics.  Those seeking a Wal*Mart suitable album should avoid tracks 6 and 11 for sure.  There is a celebrity scientist cameo from Leon Lederman, who is mixed into track 13.

If you’re headed to the USA Science and Engineering Festival this April, you can catch Funky in performance.

If you can’t wait, head over to Bandcamp to listen to Dirty Apes Discover Science (lyrics are available there as well).  The full album is available for a price of your choosing.


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