Calling All Cartographers

The Places and Spaces exhibit has issued a call for its latest collection of maps.  The project is looking for 10 science maps aimed at kids to add to its exhibit.  This is the eighth year Places and Spaces have asked for maps, and the project intends to have 100 ready sometime in 2014.  But for this next 10:

“We invite people of all ages to submit maps that show a visual rendering of a dataset together with a legend, textual description, and acknowledgements as required to interpret the map. These maps should be aimed at the understanding level of kids rather than college students or college graduates.”

For a selection of maps from previous years, see the exhibit online (there are other science maps online) or perhaps in person.  You can also check out a kids’ puzzle map from the exhibit website.

If you want to submit a map, you don’t have much time.  The initial submission is due January 12, with final maps (if chosen) due in April.