Europe Apparently Close to Having a Science Adviser

While the European Union and Dr. Anne Glover have been mum on the subject, Nature News is reporting that Dr. Glover, currently Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) for Scotland, will soon become the first CSA for the European Union (technically the European Commission).  She is a molecular biologist at the University of Aberdeen.

Without an official announcement from the European Union, where the new position will be, and to whom Dr. Glover will report, is not clear.  The search for this new position has lasted years.  Glover’s term in Scotland ends next month, and the Commission may be waiting for an Innovation event scheduled for early December to make things official.

Glover has managed to continue her research while serving the people of Scotland, and has dabbled in spinning off companies from her work in biosensors.  The plaudits coming in over the not-announcement suggest that the first CSA for Scotland was successful not only within government, but with the Scottish public.  Perhaps she can do the same in Europe.