PCAST & Bioethics Commission Are Back at It

Time once again for meetings of both the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) and the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.  PCAST met last Wednesday in Washington (I’m embarrassed to say I completely missed this beforehand), and the Bioethics Commission will meet next Wednesday and Thursday (November 16-17) in Boston.

The PCAST meeting was report focused, though the agenda does not suggest another PCAST report release is forthcoming.  Should the webcast indicate otherwise, I’ll make a note.  The Council heard from the National Academies on its report on wireless technology, and from the American Chemical Society on its report Innovation, Chemistry and Jobs.  It also heard from officials on the implementation of the PCAST nanotechnology report recommendations.

The Bioethics Commission meeting is a little shorter than its typical meetings, and will focus on one single topic – human subject protection.  Likely a follow-up from its recent work on clinical trials and related ethical violations by U.S. researchers in Guatemala, two panels on the agenda are dedicated to dealing with compensation for research-related injury.