Scientific Integrity Can Kicked to December 17

Not 16 hours after my latest whinging about the lurching progress of the Obama Administration’s scientific integrity project, Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Director John Holdren has announced the next deadline in the process.  By December 17, all agencies subject to this effort must

“submit for OSTP review their draft final policies—that is, versions they consider to be ready for a final round of internal review. OSTP has been providing specific feedback to departments and agencies on their draft policies and will continue to do so.”

The deadline is one year to the day from when OSTP issued a memorandum outlining expectations for the agencies in their scientific integrity policies.  But since this is a deadline for OSTP review, I would not expect a lot of new information released in about six weeks.  And that’s in spite of this urging from Dr. Holdren:

“I am also encouraging all departments and agencies that have not already made drafts of their policies available for public comment to post publicly either the versions they submit to OSTP in December or the versions that result from OSTP’s feedback on those drafts. Our experience with agencies that have already done so has been that draft policies tend to improve considerably as a result of public input.”

I’d love to see evidence of this last statement.  Unfortunately, the OSTP resource library on scientific integrity is woefully behind on updates.