Mid-Week Late Night Science and Technology TV Update

Since Jimmy Kimmel’s Friday repeats aren’t often posted early, I can’t always include repeats with science guests in the Monday posting.  As it happens, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder‘s appearance from just last week will repeat this Friday.

Planetary news about Uranus has wormed it’s way into Craig Ferguson’s Friday night monologue.  Since it’s about Uranus, you can probably insert your own jokes here.  But it is a new development, a refinement of models for how the planet picked up that very odd tilt, more than perpendicular (98 degrees) to the orbital plane of the solar system (our planet is around 22 degrees from the orbital plane).

Alert readers may have picked up on the temporal detail.  Yes, the joke is in a monologue that hasn’t aired yet.  But it was taped yesterday, and I was in the audience.  One observation – Television is sort of like the TARDIS from Dr. Who – what looks small in person is much bigger on the inside.