Science Video Goodness: Hop From the U.K. to the Orient via Sesame Street

A few recent bits of video goodness that should be spread far and wide:

Stephen Curry, a Professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College in London, also writes frequently for broader audiences.  I’m a Scientist is his first big film effort (H/T The Guardian).  It’s a collection of stories from six scientists (who are in different phases of their careers) about their lives as scientists.

I was more into Sesame Street back in the day when Grover was the Muppet du jour (and I was still in the demo).  These days it’s Elmo, and for the new season some clips have been released including Elmo learning new words.  One of those words is experiment, and he gets help from Craig Ferguson, who provides plenty of science content on his late night program (H/T JenLucPiquant and The Mary Sue).  Muppets (and puppets) are no strangers to Ferguson, so an appearance on the Street was inevitable.

And Baba Brinkman has released another video from his Wellcome Trust/Crowdfunder augmented Rap Guide to Evolution DVD.  This time the tune is “DNA” and the vibe is Middle Eastern.

An unfortunate consequence (perhaps the only one) of the extended Off-Broadway run of Rap Guide to Evolution is that the DVD release has slipped.  It should be ready by December.


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