Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 22

With several shows in repeats until the end of the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. (September 6), the pickings are slim.

Tomorrow night Conan will re-air a November 2010 show with Susan Casey, author of The Wave.  Wednesday The Colbert Report will re-broadcast Nassir Ghaemi’s appearance from earlier this month.

An item I missed when it originally appeared in April, stormchaser Sean Casey sits down with Carson Daly on Wednesday (really early Thursday if you want to watch it over-the-air).

In an effort to make this not completely retreads, the middle segment of the July 27 edition of The Colbert Report is worth mentioning for discussing the helium shortage.  There’s no mention of the helium at issue being an isotope of the stuff, but neither did the news coverage quoted in the piece.  And, at the risk of spoilers, it would probably kill the comedy.